Grantee Spotlight: Foundation For Women!


We are thrilled to support the life-changing work of the Foundation for Women!

The Foundation for Women is a non-profit organization striving to support and encourage impoverished women, both globally and locally, by funding and creating microcredit programs.

The Foundation gives women the tools they need to succeed through microcredit loans, education, and business support.  They are devoted to helping women overcome the barriers they face in their lives so that they can generate income and experience success.

In Liberia, the traditional Grameen-based approach has proved high effective in helping thousands of women to obtain microcredit loans and start their own businesses.  In the US, the Foundation is developing an innovative, comprehensive program that includes education and business support alongside microloans, so women can build micro-businesses that put food on the table today while creating a better future for themselves and their children.

What amazing work! We are honored to play a small part in the incredible success of the Foundation for Women!

Learn more:

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